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Class Descriptions

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Adult Classes

West African Dance — All Levels

African Dance is not just movement for movements' sake but the embodiment of poetry, history, community and transformation.
"I am touched by Africa. She lives through my spirited self. She has spoken to me. I move into myself by being myself."
Everyone welcome! Live Percussion.

Kids Classes

Creative Dance for Kids

Creative Dance for Kids

Kids discover the basics of rhythm and dance in a fun and high-energy class. Includes story, song, poetry, role play, improvisation and percussion. Influenced by jazz, African and Latin movements. Classes for 3-11 olds.

Tot & Me Dance

Explore rhythmic play and creative dance with your child in a fun and relaxed atmosphere! Includes song, story, percussion, and role play. For children aged 1 to 3 years with a caregiver participating.

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